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About Us

About Bulk SMS Solutions

If you want to send Bulk SMS over the Internet, you have come to the right place. We are not a content provider however we facilitate the delivery of SMS text, binary, UCS2, from content providers, and website owners, systems administrators and integrators, personal, professional, and business owners, who wish to integrate Bulk SMS service on their websites, company servers, desktop computers, and send Bulk SMS or text messages both over SMPP or HTTP using software clients and tools, offered free to our users to over 480 GSM CDMA NETWORKS AROUND THE WORLD.

Our SMS service is one of the India's leading bulk sms provider company. We serve through innovative solutions for sending group sms all over India via different gateway networks. Our MS Excel Plug-in software allows you to send personalized bulk sms to your entire group at a single click. With the help of our premium sms services, you can send critical messages such as commodity prices, share prices tips etc. API coding is also available to send bulk sms from your own application. Our sms services work throughout India through multiple gateway networks. We also provide short code solutions to get feedbacks from clients.

Our Bulk SMS Services / Solutions provides Bulk SMS dedicated Routes to various companies in India. Our Web SMS service India provides full end to end solution. Our gateway allows you to send upto 1 lakh sms within few seconds to all networks. We assure 6 to 8 seconds delivery guarantee (99.5%).

Main Features: Our Web SMS service allows Companies or indviduals to Login to our state of the art Control Panel and Send SMS or Group SMS. It contains an inbox and sent folder and a few important links for enhanced SMS services. A complete address book is provided to send single or group SMS at the click of your mouse. You may even Schedule SMS as per your required time and date. No other Web SMS service offers so many features.

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